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Disc Golf Live Video Magazine is a bimonthly program all about the sport of disc golf.  Whether you are new to the game or a wizened veteran, DGL has something to offer.  Tournament action, player spotlights, course reviews, and tips to improve your game are just a few of the topics covered on DGL.

Disc Golf Live is all about bringing disc golf to more folks than ever before.   This website will let you know how to bring DGL to your area, and how to submit your own video for inclusion in the show.

Disc Golf Live is available for broadcast on Community Access Television stations anywhere there are motivated disc golfers.  Most CAT stations offer free broadcast and production services to local residents, and DGL allows for customized local underwriting credits and information about your local disc golf scene.   Disc Golf Live can now be downloaded for free by broadcasts via a great file-sharing site:  www.PEGmedia.org

Disc Golf Live is a community production and anyone can submit a segment for the program.  DGL can even edit your rough footage, so start thinking about how you can become a part of DGL.

Disc Golf Live is also available for home delivery via individual subscription and through select disc golf retailers.

Here's a description of all DGL episodes

Episode 57

This show features Grandmaster and Sr. Grandmaster action from the 2013 PDGA World Championships, along with action from the 2013 Copenhagen Open.

Copies of DGL are also available at wholesale prices to TDs, promoters, retailers, and clubs.  They make great Player Package items, CTPs, and merch table items.  Contact DGL for details.  For those who would like home delivery, a full-year subscription (six episodes) is only $48.  For PDGA members, we offer a special rate.

Wow! Special PDGA member $36 Subscriptions!

Descriptions of previous episodes can be found here.

For video snippets from episodes past and present, visit our Youtube page:


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